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Why Your Lawn May Need Spring Restoration Services

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Whether your lawn is recovering from a harsh winter or has simply been neglected for a long period of time, you may require professional spring restoration services.

Our lawn restoration team is available to residential and commercial clients in Atlantic Beach, Morehead City, Newport, and nearby cities.

Check out some of the major reasons why your lawn may need spring restoration services.

Your Bermuda grass may have fallen victim to dollar patch

Dollar patch is a lawn disease that occurs from early spring until fall. It takes the appearance of tan-colored, coin-sized spots.

Because this disease begins to show up in early spring, you should include its treatment as part of your spring lawn restoration services. Even though it thrives best in more humid conditions, it’s never too early to address this issue.

If you aren’t sure if the brown patches on your lawn are dollar patch or just a few bare spots, call our team today. We can diagnose the issue and come up with an effective treatment plan to restore the condition of your residential or commercial lawn.

Moles may burrow through your yard during the winter

According to a study published by North Carolina University, moles eat anywhere from 70-100% of their body weight per day. They tend to hunt for their food in cool soil, which means your yard may be a jackpot for these pests during the winter season.

If you have noticed holes and tunnels caused by moles throughout the winter season, you may require lawn restoration services in the spring. Depending on the extent of damage your lawn has sustained, it could benefit from overseeding services paired with aeration.

In extreme cases, damage caused by moles may result in you needing partial sod repair or complete installation.

Varying winter temperatures can interrupt your grass's dormancy

Varying winter temperatures are an unavoidable issue, so you must be adequately prepared. If your area experiences a mild temperature for a decent period of time in the late winter, your grass may begin to exit dormancy. If the temperature suddenly plunges the next day, any new growth that your lawn has achieved will be damaged.

Lawns that have been damaged by varying winter temperatures can be repaired. When you reach out to our lawn care team, we will determine if aeration, sod installation, or repair is best for your grass.

Grass that has been damaged due to winter wind, ice, or possibly snow may require professional services

Depending on your area’s weather conditions, your lawn may fall victim to excessive amounts of wind, ice, or possibly snow. Issues like winter desiccation, or the hardening of your lawn’s soil, may arise. In any case, we will restore the condition of your lawn by performing full or partial sod repair or professional installation services.