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The 6 Most Popular Annuals to Plant in North Carolina

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Annual flowers are a great way to enhance your landscape with beautiful colors. 6 common annuals that thrive in North Carolina are geraniums, petunias, million bells, poinsettias, pentas, and black-eyed Susan vines. Continue reading to learn about each type of annual, what it looks like, when to plant it, and what it needs to thrive.

1. Geraniums

Geraniums will add an array of colors to your landscape beds and can suit the aesthetic of your property in several ways.

2. Petunias

Petunias are split across four various types: multiflora, millifloras, grandifloras, and floribundas. They bloom in the spring and can grow between 6-10 inches tall and make a great choice to canvas your landscape beds and hanging baskets with.

3. Million Bells

Million bells resemble petunias in color, but they are uniquely their own. These flowers bloom in fall, spring, and summer and can grow between 6-12 inches tall. They are often planted in hanging baskets or along walkways.

4. Poinsettias

Poinsettias are vibrant plants that are commonly used to complement the festive winter season. They bloom from October to December and can grow between 10-15 feet tall when they are well cared for.

5. Pentas

Pentas are low-maintenance, decorative flowers that can be used to fill in empty spots throughout your landscape. They bloom from spring to fall in large clusters and can grow between 2-3 feet tall.

6. Black-Eyed Susan Vine

Black-eyed Susan vines are charming flowers that give off a tropical aesthetic. They begin blooming mid-summer and can grow up to 8 feet tall in a single growing season. They are known for their ability to scale up fences around a property as they grow.

Consult a professional team like ours to help you design your new landscape and place flowers in the right spots to beautifully complement the rest of your property.