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Schedule a Preventative Treatment to Protect Your Lawn From Grubs This Year

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Many property owners in North Carolina know the threat grubs pose to their lawns. Grubs can damage your grass by eating its roots and causing it to become unanchored to the soil. When it comes to these lawn pests, it’s best to be proactive and schedule a preventative grub control treatment. Preventative treatments target grubs when they are newly hatched, stopping them before they ever cause trouble for your lawn. The best time to apply this treatment is in the spring before the grub eggs hatch in the summer. To ensure the preventative treatment works effectively, you should have lawn care professionals apply the treatment for you. Continue reading to learn more about how you can best protect your lawn from grubs.

How do preventative grub control treatments work?

Preventative grub control treatments work by targeting grubs before they have a chance to cause extensive damage to your lawn. This treatment provides optimal protection by targeting newly hatched grubs when they start to feed on the roots of your grass. The preventative treatment should be applied to your lawn before grubs hatch so it has enough time to seep into the soil and reach the root zone. When grubs start feeding on the roots, they ingest the insecticide and die.

When should preventative grub control treatments be applied?

Since the point of a preventative grub control treatment is to get ahead of grubs before they wreak havoc on your lawn, the timing of the application is crucial. For preventative grub control to be effective, you’ll want it to be applied in the spring. Grubs hatch in the mid-to-late summer, so applying the treatment beforehand yields the best results and protects your lawn from damage. When you apply the treatment too early, it may lose effectiveness by the time grubs hatch. It’s also possible to apply the treatment too late. When this happens, the grubs will have already exacted irreversible damage by starting to devour the roots of your grass.

Applying a preventative grub control treatment drastically reduces the chances of you having to nurse your lawn back to health after a grub infestation.

Let Professionals Apply Preventative Grub Control Treatments for Effective Results

Grubs are serious root-destroyers. When left to their own devices, you’ll soon discover that your grass is no longer attached to the soil. While you can keep this from happening with a preventative grub control treatment, it’s best to let lawn care professionals apply it. They know the best time to administer the treatment to ensure the product works effectively. Not only that, but professionals also know how to apply the product properly, so your lawn reaps the maximum benefit.

Protect your lawn from grub damage. Call us today to sign up for our lawn care program!

The most efficient way to deal with grubs is to keep them from ever becoming an issue on your lawn. That’s where we can help. Our team at Wood Lawn & Landscaping offers a lawn care program with a preventative grub control treatment to protect your grass from grub damage. Aside from that, this program also includes lawn fertilization, weed control, lawn disease control, and lawn insect control treatments. This means your lawn will also be nourished and protected from invasive weeds, troublesome diseases, and other pesky lawn insects.

We offer our lawn care program to properties in Morehead City, Newport, Atlantic Beach, NC, and surrounding areas. Our team has been cultivating healthy lawns since 2005, so you can trust that we have the skills and experience to keep your grass in top shape all year long. Call us today at (252) 727-5301 to sign up for our lawn care program!