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Patio Materials: Pavers vs. Flagstone

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Putting in a new patio at your residential or commercial property is a great investment, as it can increase your property’s value and also adds functional, beautiful space to your yard.

Making this choice, though, comes with other decisions that must be made before the patio is installed, such as what size and shape to make it, if you want to include other elements, or what material to use for the patio. At Wood Lawn & Landscaping, we skillfully create custom patios using pavers and flagstone. Learn more about these and which one could be an excellent choice for your property in Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, Newport, and surrounding areas of North Carolina.

Flagstone will be more expensive than pavers

If budget is a concern for your new project, then you may want to consider using concrete pavers, as they are the most economical choice and still create gorgeous patios. They will be cheaper per square foot than flagstone will be.

If, however, you are looking for the most natural looking option, then flagstone is a great option. It will be more expensive, but that is because the pieces do not come cut and our hardscape experts will have to spend more time shaping the stones and doing work to get the pieces of stone to fit.

Both concrete pavers and flagstone offer diverse design options

We can create any kind of look and feel with your new patio and we can do it with either concrete pavers or flagstone. Concrete pavers can come in any size or shape and can be arranged in varying patterns. We can even combine different types of pavers to create the patio.

With flagstone, which is actually a term used to describe natural stone, you can also have various design options. Types of flagstone include:

Natural stone will last for centuries and pavers will last for decades

With the proper maintenance schedule in place including routine hardscape cleaning and sealing services, your patio surface will last for a lifetime. Concrete pavers can last anywhere from 50-100 years and natural stone will last for centuries–basically forever.

If a paver cracks, we can easily replace it for you. Cracked pavers do not happen often, but if they do, it is usually because the dirt underneath shifts or they have not been properly maintained. Natural stone generally does not crack, but the mortar between the stones may need to be replaced periodically as it can break down after a decade or so.

Our hardscaping crews will advise you on the proper cleaning and sealing schedule for either your pavers or your stone patio.