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Full-Service Lawn Care

Our lawn care program provides a slew of useful services, including regular fertilization, weed control, lawn disease treatments, and lawn insect control. Our team can help nurture the health of your lawn and landscaping throughout the year.

Lawn and soil health requires proactive measures. We make scheduled visits to residential and commercial properties in Morehead City, Newport, Atlantic Beach, and the nearby areas.

Benefits of Lawn Care
Regularly scheduled lawn care involves proactive treatments to keep grass and plants well-fed and weed-free. As root systems grow stronger, plants and grass are better able to push out weeds, grow fuller, resist infestation from common lawn pests, and fight off any fungal diseases that try to attack. With the right nutrients and support, your lawn will flourish.
Our fertilization schedule is customized to suit your specific needs

Our crew uses a Permagreen ride-on broadcaster and a walk-behind unit to deliver slow-release granular fertilizer for maximum coverage. Our region has four main types of grass, all with different fertilizer needs and treatment schedules.

Here is a basic rundown for each grass type:

We can also provide tree and shrub fertilization. Please contact our office with any questions about our services.

Weed control Solutions

Our weed control program

We have effective weed control treatments that target the exact types of weeds we encounter in our region. Our crews deliver pre- and post-emergent treatments to prevent growth and to kill weeds that have managed to germinate.

We offer 3 pre-emergent treatments in December, March/April, and August/September. During fertilization, our team will also provide spot treatments where needed. We also provide pH testing to determine which treatments will be most effective.

Common weeds in our area include:

Cool Season Weeds

White & yellow clover

Summer Weeds

Wild onion

Our team can identify the signs of various lawn diseases and fungus growths in order to treat them before they destroy the plant. If you have had problems in the past with lawn disease, we can offer preventative treatments. Otherwise, we can treat problems as they arise. Below are a few examples of grass types and the diseases that can inflict them:

We provide insect control treatments to target the following bugs:

Our lawn pest service begins in the spring with a preventative grub treatment. Grub feeding takes place in March, mating is in January, and eggs are laid in May. Grub activity usually dies down May through August, which is when we return for another treatment.

We Also Offer Aeration, Sod Installation, & Repair
Aeration services are provided in the spring for warm season grasses. For commercial properties, we perform rye seeding for properties with cool season grasses. By aerating your lawn, we are able to provide air and light to the soil, which in turn creates an ideal growing environment for your grass. Our sod installation and repair service is also available for residential and commercial clients. We can also perform lawn rolling where needed.
A man pulling dandelion weeds out from the grass
healthy sod installation

Expert Installation for a Lush Lawn

sod installation

Installing sod on your property is a great way to achieve a new and beautiful lawn without the wait. It requires a lot less maintenance than traditional grass seed does and, because sod is pre-grown, you will have a lush, green lawn from the day of installation. Our sod installation process includes removing any existing grass and weeds, prepping your soil, and pressing your new sod into place. Not only does our team install sod from scratch, but we can also repair specific spots of sod on your property without having to overhaul your entire lawn and start over. Our company proudly offers our sod installation service to properties in Morehead City, Newport, and Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, as well as nearby areas such as Emerald Isle.

Sod Installation Process

Installing sod on your property is an awesome choice. Our 5-step installation process only takes 1 day and, by the time we leave your property, you’ll be able to enjoy the look of a green lawn due to the fact that sod is pre-grown.

Our sod installation service is pretty straightforward. The 5-step process looks like this:

We have been installing sod in the Morehead City area since 2005!

sod reparations
If you are noticing bare spots in your otherwise healthy sod, it could be due to a variety of factors including heavy foot traffic, pet urine, and heavy machinery such as your lawn mower. This does not warrant a complete overhaul of your sod! We can simply repair the one spot that is struggling on your lawn and leave the rest of your sod alone. First, our team will locate the bare areas in your yard. We'll make sure that the issue is, indeed, something such as heavy foot traffic in that one area and not a deeper issue such as a lawn disease. From there, we'll get to work cutting out the sod. Next, we'll move forward like normal with our typical sod installation process.