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Landscape Bed Renovation in Newport, NC

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Installing and renovating landscape beds is one of our specialties here at Wood Lawn & Landscaping, so when we got the call to install and renovate landscaping for a homeowner in Newport, NC, we were excited to begin.

This homeowner had quite a few areas of landscaping that needed to be redone, so our team sat down, came up with a design, and got to work installing their new landscape plants and ground cover.

Check out some more information and photos from this recent project below. We install and design landscaping for properties in Morehead City, Newport, Atlantic Beach, and the nearby areas in North Carolina.

Tearing Out Existing Landscaping & Removing Pine Straw Piles

At one time, their existing landscaping was full of life and looked vibrant. But over the years, nature began to take its toll and the homeowners had been left with shabby-looking trees and shrubs, as well as piles of old pine straw. We went in, tore out what was there, save for some majestic palm trees they had out front, and removed the pine straw as well. Doing this allowed us to start our renovation with a clean slate.

Adding New Native Plants & Ornamental Grasses to Complement the Exterior

The outside of the home is a nice tan color, so we opted to choose plants that would complement the exterior and also give off a coastal North Carolina vibe. We kept their existing palm trees and installed new plants around them, along with some gorgeous ornamental grasses. Some of the plants and grass we installed included:

Using native plants is more eco-friendly and also ensures that it will be much easier to maintain their new landscaping.

Installing Chocolate Brown Mulch to Keep Weeds at Bay, Aid in Moisture Retention, & Prevent Water Evaporation

After putting the new plants in, we laid down a 2-3″ thick layer of chocolate brown mulch. Proper mulch installation is important so that the landscape beds can reap the maximum benefits of mulching. A main benefit of mulch is that it helps keep weed growth at bay. Mulch is a natural weed barrier, as it blocks their access to important nutrients such as light, air, and water. Another benefit of mulch is that it aids in moisture retention and helps prevent water from evaporating, making it an environmentally-friendly solution for any landscape bed as it reduces the amount of water needed to sustain the landscaping plants.