Irrigation 1

Keeping Your Lawn Healthy & Hydrated

Efficient Irrigation Solutions

Our sprinkler and irrigation services include system design and installation, maintenance, repairs, winterization, and spring startups to keep your system protected and working correctly.

We design and install irrigation and sprinkler systems with precise coverage zones and sprinkler head calibration to keep lawns and landscapes green and growing. We also maintain and repair irrigation systems, including winterizing them and starting them back up in the spring.

Our technicians service commercial and residential properties in Morehead City, Newport, Atlantic Beach, and nearby areas such as Emerald Isle, Cape Carteret, and Swansboro.

Benefits of Irrigation Systems

Bringing in a professional to install your irrigation and sprinkler system ensures the system is calibrated properly, which helps avoid pooling, run-off, and water waste.

Full-Service Customers Receive Irrigation System Maintenance & Repairs

Like all equipment and machinery, your irrigation system will need regular maintenance and occasional repairs. Our technicians will perform service visits for customers who buy into our customizable full-service plan. Our plans can include fertilizer, lawn care, weed control, and more with competitive monthly rates.

As part of your plan, we will ensure that your irrigation system runs properly and repair any components that malfunction to avoid costly water bill increases.

Irrigation Startup & Winterization Prepares Your System for Spring & Winter

In our part of North Carolina, freezing winter temperatures can damage irrigation systems if they are not properly winterized. Our team will visit your property in November to winterize your system, which includes:

The startup process takes place in the spring just before the watering season begins. Your system will need to be reconnected and tested to ensure proper functionality.

Our startup service occurs in April and includes: