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Don’t Hire a Lawn Mowing Company Unless They Say Yes to These 4 Questions

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You’ve decided it’s time to give your lawn in North Carolina a little extra TLC and sign up for a lawn mowing service. But before you sign up, you’ll want to make sure the company you choose says “yes” to four important questions to ensure you’re hiring the right company. First, you should ask if they regularly sharpen their lawn mower blades because sharper blades will ensure your lawn has a nice, clean cut. Second, check to see if the company rotates their mowing patterns every visit to make sure ruts don’t form in your yard. Third, ask if they adjust the height of their mowers to fit the needs of each grass type. Finally, see if the company includes edging, string-trimming, and blowing as part of their lawn mowing service.

1. Does the company regularly sharpen its lawn mower blades?

One of the best mowing practices is to sharpen the blades on lawn mowers regularly. Sharp lawn mower blades will give your lawn a nice, clean cut that leaves your lawn looking manicured and pristine. If the blade is too dull, it could rip and tear your grass which causes lots of stress and could lead to issues like lawn disease. When you’re thinking about hiring a company for your lawn mowing needs, ask if they sharpen their blades on a regular basis to avoid these issues.

2. Does the company rotate its mowing patterns every visit?

Another great lawn mowing practice is rotating mowing patterns instead of mowing in the same direction every time. When a company mows in the same direction every time, the lawn mower could cause ruts in the lawn which damages your turf. It could also compact your soil or cause your grass to lean in one direction. By alternating mowing patterns, your turf and soil will stay in good shape and your grass will stand up straight giving your lawn a neat and tidy look.

3. Does the company adjust the deck height of the mowers based on the grass type?

A good-quality company should know to adjust the deck height of their mowers depending on the grass type on your lawn. Not all grass types are the same, and they shouldn’t all be mowed to the same height. However, many lawn mowing companies use one deck height for all lawns. Make sure the company you hire will adjust the deck height depending on what’s best for your particular grass type.

4. Does the company include edging, string-trimming, and debris blowing with each lawn mowing visit?

A high-quality company will include edging, string-trimming, and debris blowing in their lawn mowing service. These services will give your lawn a nice finishing touch so it looks neat and tidy. These services entail the following:

Longevity is a sign of high-quality services, so you should sign with a company that’s been in business for at least 15 years.