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5 Amenities to Consider Adding to Your Outdoor Kitchen Design

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Your outdoor kitchen is already a great addition to your property in North Carolina, but why not take it to the next level by adding unique features? Five amenities you can add to your outdoor kitchen design to take it from ordinary to extraordinary are sinks, grills, pizza ovens, refrigerators, and bar areas. A sink will help make washing and cleaning your hands and your dishes more convenient, while a bar area offers a great space to interact with your guests while you prepare food. A grill and a pizza oven are also excellent features that make cooking more fun! Adding a refrigerator will give you convenient access to cold drinks and provide storage for perishable items. Keep reading to learn more about how these amenities can upgrade your outdoor kitchen!

1. Sink

A sink is a great amenity to add to your outdoor kitchen because it will save you several trips indoors when you need to wash something. With this feature, you can conveniently rinse off ingredients while preparing the meal and wash the dishes right in your outdoor kitchen after eating. You and your guests won’t need to go inside to clean your hands before and after eating because you can do it right outside!

2. Grill

One of the most popular and basic outdoor kitchen amenities is a grill. A grill allows you to host fun barbecue nights with your family and friends! Whether you love hosting small, intimate events or large groups, this feature is ideal because you can cook and socialize with your guests effortlessly. Adding this amenity to your outdoor kitchen also allows you to grill seafood, steak, barbecue, burgers, and other food without worrying about the smell and smoke filling up the inside of your home or business.

3. Pizza Oven

Pizza nights are among the best ways to spend an evening with family, friends, or your staff! Pizza ovens offer an interactive cooking experience because you can create delicious and customized pizzas with your guests. This feature also gives you the ability to adjust the heat so you can bake mouthwatering pizzas with a crispy, perfectly cooked crust!

A pizza oven is a versatile feature for your outdoor kitchen because you can also use it for cooking bread and pies.

4. Refrigerator

It’s always nice to hang out with your guests in your outdoor living space and have easy access to cold beverages. That’s why a refrigerator is one of the must-have amenities for your outdoor kitchen! Aside from chilling your drinks, a refrigerator also allows you to store perishable ingredients and easily access them while preparing food.

5. Bar Area

Adding a bar area to your outdoor kitchen provides your guests with a space to unwind and relax. A bar area is an excellent place to serve drinks to your friends and family while you prepare food. Whether you’re watching a Sunday game, having a few drinks with some friends, or preparing a buffet-style breakfast, a bar area is a perfect place to do it!