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4 Reasons to Plant Spring Annual Flowers

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With the spring season coming into view, you are likely thinking about renewing your landscape beds. Once you have decided to install new softscape, the debate between annual and perennial flowers may come up. Some people think that perennials offer better value because of their longer lifespan. However, it really comes down to your preferences.

Here at Wood Lawn & Landscaping, we install both annual and perennial flowers for residential and commercial properties located in and around Atlantic Beach, Newport, and Morehead City, NC.

While perennial flowers definitely add aesthetic value to your lawn, we want to encourage you to plant some annual flowers during this upcoming spring season. Check out these four reasons to plant spring annual flowers.

1. Annual flowers grow quickly and bloom for a longer period of time

Annuals, as their name implies, only last for one year. They must complete all of the stages of life in a shorter period of time compared to perennials. In one year, annuals need to:

Because of this rapid process, annuals are efficient growers. They often stay in bloom all season long, so you will have a bright and vibrant garden year-round.

Perennials will only bloom for a few weeks before they need to focus their energy on preparing for the next season.

2. Plant spring annual flowers if you want a low-maintenance landscape bed

By planting spring annual flowers, you will be rewarded with a low-maintenance landscape bed. Simply water your annual flowers and watch them thrive. On the other hand, perennials require rigorous care so they can thrive for years to come. 

If you plan on being away from home a lot this summer, opt for spring annual flowers. You can have a neighbor water your plants while you’re gone. Because the maintenance is minimal, you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of a strict upkeep schedule.

3. Some spring annual flowers reseed themselves

One of the arguments against spring annual flowers is their short lifespan. While they do only last for a year, some spring annual flowers reseed themselves. Depending on which species you invest in, you will have a minimal amount of work to do in the following year.

4. Spring annual flowers allow you to freshen up your landscape bed

Unless they reseed themselves, spring annual flowers tend to die after one year. Because of this pattern, spring annual flowers allow you to regularly freshen up your landscape.

If you’re not sure what softscape will go best with your current landscape, call our team to discuss the different spring annual flowers we have available. We can incorporate different colors and heights to create the ideal softscape design for your property’s exterior.